Certified Bosch Service Center

Full Service Oil Change

When it comes to routine maintenance, changing your oil is one of the more inexpensive services. Despite its relatively low cost, oil plays a vital, multifaceted role in your engine, and spending a little money on routine oil changes can help prevent you from forking over large sums of cash down the road.


Check Engine Light Diagnostics

The check engine light is designed to be a way your vehicle can let you know when something is not right. While it may be something simple, it is always best to give your check engine light the benefit of the double and take it seriously, before the problem escalates into expensive damage.


Headlight Restoration

Replacing faded headlights can get very expensive especially on new cars that have headlights with computers/control moduals in them. We at L&J Motors are able to restore your old faded/cloudy headlights and make them look like new. After we restore and clean your headlights we will put a coat of UV protection to keep them looking new.


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